January 2020


Weekends are made to chill. But what if you brought your friends, better half or family to try something new? Keeping active is key to both physical & mental health – and it’s also a great way to spend time with your loved ones and challenge yourself. So check out these 7 cool & unusual activities you should try next time you get a day off!

1. Pretend to be a Ninja Warrior at NinjaSG

Have you ever watched a Ninja Warrior competition and hope you could learn some of the athletes’ super cool techniques? Well, now you can! NinjaSG is an obstacle gym located in GroundUp Climbing space and equipped with all sort of crazy elements. Pegboards, ropes, rings, floating doors, you name it! They also tweak the obstacles quite often, making every visit unique.
You don’t need to be crazy fit to go and give it a try – but it definitely takes practice to master everything, so get ready to sweat.
They have launched a while ago some classes as well, led by talented Alvin Gan and mixing obstacle training & fitness – the best way to learn while having fun.

NinjaSG, Civil Service Club, Level 2, 60 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217664


2. Be faster underwater at The Ripple Club

aquaspin classes aquabike singapore

Not a fan of commercial gyms? Let’s get wet instead. Aquaspin offers a brand range of low-impact classes, each with its own specificities. Perfect if you’re looking for a fun activity (you can chill by the pool afterwards) that will get you toned without getting sweaty!

The Ripple Club, various locations – Read review of their classes here!

3. Bounce your way to fitness at Bounce

If you’re bored with your usual gym classes, you have to try Bounce Fit classes at least once. They mix high interval intensity training and trampoline skills, to tone up abs, bum and thighs. Go for the basic class if you are a beginner and push it a step higher with Bounce Fit Combat, inspired by MMA & boxing.
HIIT classes aren’t your thing? You can always visit and enjoy the trampoline park outside of classes if you are willing to learn tricks & techniques.
Bounce Fit classes at Bounce, schedule & booking available online. Bounce, Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road #09-01 Singapore 239695

4. Be graceful on the ice at Kallang Ice World

If you’re tired of the heat outside, it is the perfect time to give ice-skating a try. Get your most comfy sweater, some woollen socks, and a pair of loves: you are ready to ice-skate like a pro!
There are a few ice rinks in Singapore, but the Kallang one is both fairly cheap and quiet – they also offer classes for beginners, if you don’t feel comfortable stepping & sliding on the ice straight away.
One more thing: last time we checked, you needed to book a slot in advance. 

Kallang Ice World, 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693


5. Go deeper with Freediving

Also known as breath-hold diving, freediving is a fascinating discipline. By taking classes at the Singapore Freediving Academy, you’ll learn how to control your breathing and make the most of every gasp of air. If it looks intimidating at first, it offers a great opportunity to calm your mind, clear your thoughts and focus on yourself for once. They offer beginners classes and workshops to get comfortable with the idea – and you’ll soon be able to join a trip at sea (whenever you’re ready!)

More information and class booking on


Everyone is busy – but finding a few hours every week to exercise is a great way to stay healthy, control your weight and improve your mood (thanks to the endorphins!). If you’re new to the gym or getting used to a new routine, you might be wondering though: how many times a week should I work out? Am I overtraining, or maybe not training enough? Here a few principles to follow, to get the most benefits from your training schedule.

1. If you’re new, don’t over-do it

One mistake people often make when they start training is going all out – going to the gym or classes every day, hoping they’ll make tremendous progress. Unfortunately, you will probably feel great for a while, then your motivation & performance will go down, and you’ll struggle to drag yourself to your sessions, being exhausted and reluctant to move. 

Why? Because you’ll be overtraining. Your body needs to rest, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while. It needs some time off to rebuild your muscles and replenish its energy levels. You will get better results and faster progress if you allow yourself to recover.

Beginners and people resuming working out after an extended period should aim for 2 to 3 sessions a week, at moderate intensity.

2. Don’t train more, train smarter

If you already have an active lifestyle, you need to think about what you need to achieve: is it about weight loss? Do you want to get better in one specific discipline, or learn some new techniques? Just having fun with some friends? You need to set up your goals first and plan your workouts accordingly.
Doing so, you have to be very honest with yourself: What do I want to achieve, and why is it important to me? How much time am I ready to dedicate to this goal? 
Find yourself a precise, reachable, quantifiable and time-bounded objective. “Losing weight” is vague and not very motivating – “losing 2kg by the end of next month” is both doable and easy to keep in mind.
Most goals won’t require you to train every day – recovery is essential, and if you’re not aiming to become a professional athlete, taking a few days off the gym a week to do other activities you enjoy isn’t a bad idea. But there’s one golden rule…

3. Aim to work out at least 3 or 4 days a week

To make a difference, you need to invest time & effort. It is true for pretty much everything – playing the violin, cooking, learning a language – and it also applies to sports.
If you want to get any results from your hard work, you need to make it a part of your daily life – and within a week, always try to get more days on which you work out than days on which you don’t.
Of course, you can still get results with 1 or 2 sessions a week, but they will be much slower, and you could lose your precious motivation.
You can also choose to train more often, but make sure you give your muscles enough time to rest. If you want to train every day, divide your sessions between muscle groups, so you don’t hit the same group twice in a row. You can also slot in some active recovery days, where you stay active without asking too much to your body – It could be a light jog, some cycling, a dance class.. just pick something light and easy.
Finally, and even if it can be hard for athletes & gym addicts, remember that you need a full day of complete rest once in a while.

4. Keep it FUN & challenging

At the end of the day, working out should be something you enjoy doing, not a chore. If you have your training schedule in place but are dragging your feet every single day, there’s something wrong with it. It’s ok not to enjoy lifting weights or running, everyone has their preferences. Find something YOU like and that you see yourself fighting a bit to get better at.

My personal advice would be to find something you enjoy doing and sign up for a competition in 2, 3, 6 months. Something you can keep in the corner of your head, that you can use as a reminder of “why” you’re doing this. Challenging yourself is the only way to get better at something – it is also a fantastic opportunity to achieve something big, and be proud of yourself. Everyone needs a reason; you just need to find yours!

“Where shall we go for lunch?” – 11:30 am, every day at the office. Well, finding food in the CBD is pretty easy – but if you’re looking for healthy food, organic ingredients & good nutrient balance, it can be a bit more challenging. Here is a list of the best healthy restaurants in Singapore’s CBD where you can get a nutritious lunch – if you think any of your favorite places is missing, please leave a comment!

1. Food Rebel

Looking for delicious & nutritious organic food? You have to visit Food Rebel. I’d definitely recommend the zoodles bolognese or any of the buddha bowls – their hummus is to die for – and if you’re in the mood for something sweet, they make really nice cakes too.
Bonus point: macros are indicated on the Ultimate Performance menu, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Kitchen by Food Rebel 28 Stanley St, Telok Ayer 

2. The Garden Club

Photo credit: Garden Club

Hidden at the top of Downtown OUE, this cute garden rooftop serves fresh & creative dishes, like Tom Yum Fettucine or Rosti & Jackfruit carnitas, but also more traditional wraps & bowls.
Sadly, it closes on weekends – but it’s a lovely place to get lunch or after-work drinks/dinner.

The Garden Club, OUE Downtown Gallery, #05-01 6A Shenton Way 068815

3. Shake Farm

Photo credit: Shake Farm

From breakfast to dinner, Shake Farm has got you covered. They serve all things healthy, from fruit shakes to fresh salads and more hearty bowls.
I have to confess that the beef bros is my all-time fav, followed closely by the Mexican salad – but everything on the menu deserves a try.
Oh, and yes, they indicate macros of each dish & drink, so it’s easier for you to make wiser choices. They also sell some protein bars (read here the articles on protein-packed snacks!) if you still have room for dessert.

Shake Farm, 126 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068595

4. Aloha Poke

aloha poke spicy salmon
Photo credit: Aloha Poke

Fresh ingredients, loads of protein and portion control: Aloha Poke is the perfect place if you want to craft a lunch that suits your needs.
Eating Omega 3 at least twice a week is very important to reduce inflammation & regulate cholesterol, and getting fresh salmon is a delicious way to do it!

Aloha Poke, 1 Raffles Place 02-01, Singapore 048616 (+ 4 other locations)

5. Yolo

Photo credit: Yolo

Simple, yet delicious: Yolo offers perfectly balanced dishes, based on traditional Asian recipes & cooked with less fat & additives. All nutritional info is available, and their menu proves that you can get the food you love minus the calories you don’t need.

Yolo, 12 Gopeng Street #01-01/04, Singapore 078877 (+ other locations)

6. Grain Traders

Photo credit: Grain traders

If you’re in the mood for composing your own bowl, Grain Traders is the right place. It can get pretty crowded, so I’d go there early to avoid the queue, especially if you plan to eat there. They also have signature recipes, if you don’t feel that creative.

Grain traders, 138 Market St, 01 CapitaGreen

7. Sarnies

Photo credit: Sarnies

If you love hearty salads, you’ll love Sarnies. Of course, not everything on the menu is “healthy” (a burger with fries, even served in a healthy café, is still… a burger) but they offer a broad range of mains to choose from. I’d personally recommend the Moroccan Chicken or Tandoori Chicken (but all of their salad bowls are delicious, to be honest) – the portions are quite big, so don’t stress out if you can’t clean your plate.
Pro-tip: the venue itself is quite tiny though, so make sure you go there early – most of the tables are outside, and it gets a bit warm sometimes.

Sarnies, 136 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068601

8. Mojo

Photo Credit: Mojo

Another “build your own bowl” place, where you can find fresh ingredients, tasty vegetables and loads of protein options. They offer a “petite” version of their bowl too, for people with a light appetite. I’ve tried several times to copy their roasted aubergine recipe but didn’t manage to get it right. If you go there, make sure you get some!

Mojo, 9 Raffles Place, #B1-07 Republic Plaza

9. Salad Stop

Photo Credit: Salad Stop!

It might be a chain, but they are making a great effort to promote healthy eating – Macros are indicated online, so it’s easier to decide beforehand what the best option for you is, according to your goals.
The food is fresh, and they have warm grain options for days you’re very hungry. Tip: ask to get the sauce on the side, as they are quite generous with it.

Salad Stop, 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower #01-05 ( + many other locations)

10. Afterglow

Photo Credit: Afterglow

At the bottom of the list simply because it’s a bit further away from the Business Center but if you’re up for a short walk, this tiny place serves delicious vegan food, made with fresh ingredients. Make sure you get one of the burgers (you can even replace the bun by some lettuce leaves if you’re in a cutting phase), any of their salads or the rice bowl.

Afterglow, 24 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089131

If you spend at least a few hours in a gym or at a Crossfit box every week, there’s no way you’ve missed it: the new big thing when it comes to recovery is massage guns. This relatively new technology aims to release the tension in your muscles through vibration therapy.
If you don’t go to the physio or haven’t hired a PT yet, you may wonder: “Should I get one for myself?” Is it worth it? Or is it another gadget you’ll buy and forget after a few months in a drawer?
I had the same question floating in my head for a while, and I decided to give it a try. I got one of the small versions: the Flow Mini, from the ArmourUP Asia shop in Orchard.
After a few weeks using it quite frequently, I’m happy to share with you my thoughts – Is it worth investing in it? Do you need one?

flow mini massage gun singapore

First, what is vibration therapy?

Vibration therapy has been created to help muscles warm up and recover faster.
Before a workout, it helps activate the muscles, increase the blood flow and get ready to perform.
After a workout, it helps relieve the pain by targeting specific muscles and decreasing lactic acid production. It can also be used before going to bed, to relax tight areas and get better quality sleep.

What makes the Flow Mini special?

Compared to most of the other massage guns, the Flow Mini is (as you could guess with the name), quite small. It makes it much easier to handle and use (especially if you have tiny hands, as I do).
Weighing only 800g, it has been made to follow athletes and sports addicts everywhere, and even comes with a travel bag. 
I’ve been quite amazed by how complete the product is, for quite a low price – you get 4 different massage heads, a travel bag & a guide to learn how to use it.

flow mini massage gun singapore
Everything that is included in the box.

After a few weeks, what do I think of it?

I’ve now been using the Flow Mini for 2 weeks – of course, I started by using it every single day when I got it, and had to slow down a bit. Overall, I’m very happy with it: it is a relief to find it at home after a hard workout or before going to sleep when my back muscles are painful (I changed my training program recently, and I have to deal with muscle soreness almost every day). I recover faster when I use it, and it definitely helps with the pain – I also realized how calming it was after a long day, as it makes the muscles numb a bit. It also forced me to take some me-time – I have a hectic lifestyle, and I often forget to take care of my body, while running around all day, training & working with clients. Taking 5 or 10 minutes after my workouts or a long day of work, just to analyze which of my muscles were sore, and relaxing with a massage, is something that I didn’t know I needed – and that I’m glad I have now!

I’m not the only one benefiting from it either: as it’s quite light, I can bring it with me and I started using it with some of my clients too – It’s definitely too good not to share.

(I have to admit, slow-mo videos of the vibration are pretty cool)

Do you need one?

I would say yes, especially if:

  • You work out a lot and would appreciate a faster recovery cycle
  • you are an athlete attending long competitions and need to keep your muscles warm
  • You have chronic muscle pain and could do with frequent massages (without having to visit a spa every day)

It costs 249S$ and it’s money well spent if you can commit to using it at least a few times a week – very occasional gym-goers might not benefit from it as much as workoutaholics would.

Where to get a Mini Flow Gun?

Visit Armour UP Asia in Orchard – 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central, #06-23 
Their new shop is really cool, and you can ask all of the questions you may have to the team, they are very knowledgeable and will be happy to advise.
You can also shop online:

Snack options in Singapore are aplenty – but most of them aren’t especially nutritious; Usually packed with fats & sugar, most of the biscuits, cakes and crackers sold in supermarkets can have a pretty bad impact on your health. It’s not just about the number on the scale: of course, eating too many calories lead to weight gain (or keep you away from losing weight if that’s your goal), but processed foods, including refined sugar and poor-quality fats, can lead to numerous health issues (pre-diabetes and diabetes, cholesterol and all illnesses that they often imply).

However, there are healthy options available too! People usually think fruits & nuts are the healthiest options – and it’s not completely true, as both of them need to be consumed with moderation: fruits are packed with sugar (don’t get me wrong, the fibers they contain make them definitely better for your health than any biscuit) and nuts are very calorie-dense: a handful brings 100kcal of almost pure fat in – again, “good” fats, but fat nonetheless.

So, is there a better option out there? Yes, of course: high protein snacks.

Here is a list of the best Protein-Packed Snacks available in Singapore, and where you can buy them.

1. Quest Bars

Quest bars have been around for a while, and it’s easy to understand why: with 20 to 22g of protein per bar, a very low amount of sugar (1 to 3g, Vs. Up to 30g for a normal chocolate bar) & around 200kcal each, they are the perfect afternoon snack.
They are very easy to find in Singapore – Cold Storage sells some, along with most of the gyms in SG. But get ready to pay extra: they are sold up to 5$ each, making them an expensive snack to eat on a regular basis.

Make your way to one of the Nutrition Depot outlets to get the best price when buying a box of 12.

2. Quest Hero

The newest addition to the Quest range is clearly made for people who hate traditional protein bars and their texture. (If you have had a cheap protein bar before, you know exactly what I mean) So get ready for a candy bar with several layers, gooey caramel & a crunchy base.
On the downside, they are slightly less protein-rich than the normal Quest bars. But they are definitely a good place to start if you want to add more protein to your diet (with 15g to 17g per bar!)

Make your way to one of the Nutrition Depot outlets to get the best price when buying a box of 12.

3. MyProtein Carb Crusher

Another bar that tastes nothing like a protein bar: the Carb Crusher from MyProtein. 

My favourite flavour is without a doubt Dark Chocolate & Sea salt (but I’m a dark chocolate fanatic, maybe you’ll prefer the milk chocolate ones). 
They are really low in sugar & carbs (hence the name) and have a few different layers, with different textures and flavours: if you don’t know it’s a protein bar, you’ll believe it’s an excellent chocolate snack. 

Order a box from MyProteinSG here!

4. Barbells Protein Bars

quest bar singapore healthy snack

If you’re looking for a great, high protein snack that tastes like a chocolate bar, you have to try the Barbells Bars. They come in several different flavours and contain no added sugar. White Chocolate & Almond is my favourite, but Coconut & Choco and Salty Peanut are delicious too!

You can find them at Nutrition Depot outlets, in a few different gyms but also on Redmart.

5. Soft Boiled eggs

You’re hungry and not able to grab something from the list above? No worries. One of the simplest options to find in Singapore is simply soft boiled eggs, from any hawker centre. With 12g of protein and 140kcal per serving of 2 eggs, it’s a good way to get your daily protein. BUT it shouldn’t be an excuse to load up on carbs as well: order some with 1 piece of toast (70-100kcal) instead of kaya toasts (up to 300kcal alone and packed with sugar).


A lot of other protein bars are sold in Singapore – but you need to check the nutritional information first! Some of them contain up to 20g of sugar, and a ridiculously low amount of protein. 

If you want to try new bars, make sure:

  • they contain at least 15g of protein per serving (you need to be careful with vegan bars especially, as a lot of them are misleadingly labelled “high protein”)
  • They don’t contain more than 5g of sugar (6g of sugar being one cube of white sugar, you wouldn’t want to get more than that in a “healthy” snack, right?)
  • the total of calories doesn’t exceed 200-250kcal – it has to be a snack, unless you’re replacing a full meal with it.