March 2021


The circuit-breaker made me realise I didn’t need a gym to exercise: if I needed some endorphins, I could simply put my running shoes on, and go for a jog in my neighbourhood. From there, I started to run more, faster, longer. Ultimately, I had to step up and improve my gear – running 25km with an armband wasn’t an option, and I got a cheap camel bag to hold my hydration pack, energy bar & phone. It did the job, of course, but you lose the impression of freedom that usually comes with running. I was back on the hunt for the perfect running bag, that could hold my stuff without being a burden. That’s how I came across Naked Innovations’ Running Band. As I know some of you might still be trying to figure out what works best for them, I thought I’d share my views on what became my go-to running belt. 

naked innovations sport belt running

Wait, what is the Naked Running band about? 

The Running Band from Naked is a belt, that sits nicely on the bony part of your hips. No shoulder strap, no zip, nothing – you have to get it on like a skirt or a pair of pants, and pull it up to your waist.
Then what? Then it stays there, are allow you to pack everything you need for your run. Literally EVERYTHING. Phone, keys, wallet, but also energy gels or bars, CrampFix, a flask (up to 500ml) – You can even use the straps to hold your running/trekking poles.

Why do I like it so much?

It’s SO light you don’t even realise you are wearing a belt. And it makes me think of Mary Poppins’ bag – the pockets are so extensible that it feels like you could store every possible item and still have room for more. The design is nice too – I can’t help it, I’m not a fan of very bright colours on running apparel, and this black & yellow combo is perfect for me.

naked innovations sport belt running

What do I like a bit less about it?

Due to the fabric, you are supposed to hand wash it with cold water – I used to just toss my cheap running bag in the washing machine, and now I spend a bit more time taking care of this belt.
Also, my shape is a bit odd, so I would have loved a size between 1 and 2 – but that’s a personal thing. I went for size 2, as I want to avoid having my belly tightly held during the longer runs.


Where to buy Naked Innovations Running Band in Singapore:

Naked Innovations products are available at the Red Dot Running Company, located in Joo Chiat. I’d highly suggest going there and trying the belt (or vest) out to make sure you get the right size for you. The team there will be happy to assist with any questions too.

Red Dot Running Company, 152 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427430

photography: Dirgan