About me

What’s Healthyin.sg about?

Healthyin.SG is made for people in Singapore and around who want to get into a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are very new to the fitness & nutrition world or are already a seasoned athlete, you will find here everything you need to get and stay on the right track.
Living a healthy life can be a bit of a challenge, sometimes – Luckily, it’s easier when you know the best places, get helpful tips, and have a supportive community around you.

What does “healthy” mean?

There’s often a misconception around the term “healthy”. It’s not about your weight or the way you look. It’s not about eating salad all day and going to the gym for 3hrs in a row either.
It’s about making the best choices for you and your body, every day.
You don’t need to be 100% perfect
– nobody is – and there’s room for the unexpected (and some fun) in a very healthy lifestyle too. You just need to start from where you are, and learn what are the best options available and why.

Who am I?

My name is Charlotte Beaulat, and I’ve been a fitness & nutrition blogger since 2014 – my other website, thefitnesstheory.fr offers recipes, nutrition coaching & fitness tips to the French gym & healthy food lovers – more than 70,000 readers each month!

I’m also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, specialized in sports nutrition & weight management, but also a Spartan SGX Coach.
I live in Singapore for 4 years now, and I’ve spent a lot of time looking for healthy restaurants, meeting amazing people in the fitness industry – I want to share my best findings with you!

A bit about my personal journey: I lost 20kg in 2012, simply by making better, more informed decisions – the journey to health brought me an incredible feeling of achievement, and I decided to share my experience and knowledge, to help people around me improve their lifestyle too.