Does the word “Calisthenics” ring a bell? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did: this discipline is getting more and more popular, especially among gym addicts who are getting bored with weights. If you’re looking for a new sport to try, and some new skills to add to your repertoire – you should probably give calisthenics a try. Here are a few good reasons to register for a Cali class today!

Wait, what exactly is Calisthenics?

The definition is quite broad, but basically, Calisthenics is a discipline involving no or minimal equipment (usually rings or bars, no free weight or barbells) teaching athletes how to master their bodyweight.
If you can’t really imagine how it looks like, I’d recommend checking some youtube channels, like CalisthenicMovement & ThenX.

Here are 5 reasons why you should try Calisthenics

1. It’s a great opportunity to learn how your body works

You’ll gain in balance, strength and overall consciousness around your body – which comes handy in all other activities you might be into. You will also realise that you are stronger than you think, and maybe discover muscles that you had never felt working before.

2. It’s suitable for everyone – and there is a lot to learn

If it’s based on a limited set of movements (principally push-ups, pull-ups, dips), calisthenics offer tons of variations and progression opportunities, making it both accessible from beginners & still challenging for advanced athletes.
Men & women are equally welcome too, and your body type doesn’t matter!

3. It’s an incredibly complete workout

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you could think that working out without weights could potentially be “pointless”. Well, wait to try a Cali class first – because it requires the use of different muscle groups, as well as a lot of the core muscles you might not use on a daily basis if you only work out with guided machines.
It might not be as “cardio” as a HIIT class, but you should still expect some sweat. If you give your 100%, you’ll get out of the studio exhausted and shaky (But beginners can also take it easy!)

4. It’s a good occasion to meet like-minded people

Calisthenics classes are usually held in small groups (just imagine the exact opposite of a crowded body combat class, if you’ve been to one of these) – you can have a chat (and most likely a laugh) with the people around, and good pieces of advice too for people who’ve been training for a while.
As everyone is learning (it would take years to reach the stage where you can’t get better at it), it is pretty much a judgment-free zone.

5. It’s good fun!

Because you get to learn a lot of new techniques and experiment with your body, calisthenics is a really fun activity. It is challenging for sure, and some people might be quite intimidated during their first session. But the more you practice, the more used your body will be to the different exercises, and you’ll make amazing progress in no-time. Time flies during a Cali class, and you won’t even think of checking your phone!

And last, but not least: where to learn Calisthenics in Singapore?

There are a few studios offering Calisthenics classes in Singapore, including some in public parks – but if I had to pick one, I’d definitely choose The Faculty (of calisthenics & yoga) on North Bridge Road.

Why you should visit the Faculty?

  • They offer several different calisthenics classes, focusing on specific skills (handstands, pull-ups, muscle-ups) or helping with general fitness (push-pull, strength), along with Yoga classes.
  • The classes are beginner-friendly – except for a few advanced classes, that require an invitation, all sessions can be attended by newcomers who want to improve and are willing to sweat.
  • The team is amazing – every trainer has their own speciality, but they are all dedicated to sharing their passion, making each session a great learning experience
  • They have a 3session intro pass at S$50 – so you can get your own opinion!

The Faculty of Calisthenics and Yoga, North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198691

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