On my quest to find the best healthy restaurants in Singapore, I had no choice but to give the Kind Bowl’s Vegan Vietnamese cuisine a try. Many of my vegan friends swear only by this place when it comes to getting an affordable, delicious dinner – meat-free of course, but packed with authentic flavours. It sounded almost too good to be true, so I finally went last week, and here is my honest review.

The location, the place & the vibe

kind bowl killiney road

The Kind Bowl is located on Killiney Road; a short walk from Somerset 313 – a quiet street where it is easy to forget about Orchard Road’s craziness after working hours.

The restaurant is relatively small – a dozen tables inside and a couple of larger tables outside – so you may want to arrive early to beat the queue. However, even during peak hours, the food comes quickly to the tables – you won’t wait for long if you can’t find a spot right away.

The atmosphere is friendly and chill – not a date spot per se, but a great place to meet up with friends or colleagues after an intense day.

The food & drinks

Their menu is straightforward – you get 5 to 7 main dishes to choose from, along with a few sides and desserts.

Of course, the most famous is the Kind Pho – a vegan version of the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, where the meat is replaced with chicken-like Seitan. The broth is flavorful, and the portion is quite large. Their latest addition, the BBQ delight, offers a broad range of flavours and some exciting combinations of textures – the fried mushroom rolls are to die for.

The salads are relatively small, but very tasty too – 2 mains & a side were the perfect amount of food for 2. 

They don’t serve alcohol but have an interesting drinks menu, based on natural ingredients.

Price-wise, expect to spend around $10 for a main and $5 for a side/dessert.


The Kind bowl menu main

What are the healthiest options on The Kind Bowl’s menu?

The “Eat the Rainbowl”, BBQ Delight & Tropical Salads are the most balanced options, as they contain a decent amount of protein, vitamins and fibres, thanks to the fresh veggies. 

The kind Pho is a great option too, although the noodle portion is very generous, while the protein content remains relatively low. It is worth noting that none of the dishes feels oily or heavy, and the portions are just right – you’ll feel great after a meal.


BBQ delight the kind bowl menu
BBQ Delight (New 2021)

What is not so healthy on the menu?

The No-Moo Spicy Noodle is both carb & oil-rich, making it the least healthy option available, along with the oyster mushroom fritters. 

Both their bubble teas & ice latte are pretty rich too, so if you are trying to control your intake, you should probably go for one of the herbal teas instead.

Some last thoughts

I had heard many good things about this place and was delighted to get to try it out finally. I will, without a doubt, go back whenever I’m in the area. They also do delivery – check out their website to learn more.


The Kind Bowl, 71 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239527


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