Snack options in Singapore are aplenty – but most of them aren’t especially nutritious; Usually packed with fats & sugar, most of the biscuits, cakes and crackers sold in supermarkets can have a pretty bad impact on your health. It’s not just about the number on the scale: of course, eating too many calories lead to weight gain (or keep you away from losing weight if that’s your goal), but processed foods, including refined sugar and poor-quality fats, can lead to numerous health issues (pre-diabetes and diabetes, cholesterol and all illnesses that they often imply).

However, there are healthy options available too! People usually think fruits & nuts are the healthiest options – and it’s not completely true, as both of them need to be consumed with moderation: fruits are packed with sugar (don’t get me wrong, the fibers they contain make them definitely better for your health than any biscuit) and nuts are very calorie-dense: a handful brings 100kcal of almost pure fat in – again, “good” fats, but fat nonetheless.

So, is there a better option out there? Yes, of course: high protein snacks.

Here is a list of the best Protein-Packed Snacks available in Singapore, and where you can buy them.

1. Quest Bars

Quest bars have been around for a while, and it’s easy to understand why: with 20 to 22g of protein per bar, a very low amount of sugar (1 to 3g, Vs. Up to 30g for a normal chocolate bar) & around 200kcal each, they are the perfect afternoon snack.
They are very easy to find in Singapore – Cold Storage sells some, along with most of the gyms in SG. But get ready to pay extra: they are sold up to 5$ each, making them an expensive snack to eat on a regular basis.

Make your way to one of the Nutrition Depot outlets to get the best price when buying a box of 12.

2. Quest Hero

The newest addition to the Quest range is clearly made for people who hate traditional protein bars and their texture. (If you have had a cheap protein bar before, you know exactly what I mean) So get ready for a candy bar with several layers, gooey caramel & a crunchy base.
On the downside, they are slightly less protein-rich than the normal Quest bars. But they are definitely a good place to start if you want to add more protein to your diet (with 15g to 17g per bar!)

Make your way to one of the Nutrition Depot outlets to get the best price when buying a box of 12.

3. MyProtein Carb Crusher

Another bar that tastes nothing like a protein bar: the Carb Crusher from MyProtein. 

My favourite flavour is without a doubt Dark Chocolate & Sea salt (but I’m a dark chocolate fanatic, maybe you’ll prefer the milk chocolate ones). 
They are really low in sugar & carbs (hence the name) and have a few different layers, with different textures and flavours: if you don’t know it’s a protein bar, you’ll believe it’s an excellent chocolate snack. 

Order a box from MyProteinSG here!

4. Barbells Protein Bars

quest bar singapore healthy snack

If you’re looking for a great, high protein snack that tastes like a chocolate bar, you have to try the Barbells Bars. They come in several different flavours and contain no added sugar. White Chocolate & Almond is my favourite, but Coconut & Choco and Salty Peanut are delicious too!

You can find them at Nutrition Depot outlets, in a few different gyms but also on Redmart.

5. Soft Boiled eggs

You’re hungry and not able to grab something from the list above? No worries. One of the simplest options to find in Singapore is simply soft boiled eggs, from any hawker centre. With 12g of protein and 140kcal per serving of 2 eggs, it’s a good way to get your daily protein. BUT it shouldn’t be an excuse to load up on carbs as well: order some with 1 piece of toast (70-100kcal) instead of kaya toasts (up to 300kcal alone and packed with sugar).


A lot of other protein bars are sold in Singapore – but you need to check the nutritional information first! Some of them contain up to 20g of sugar, and a ridiculously low amount of protein. 

If you want to try new bars, make sure:

  • they contain at least 15g of protein per serving (you need to be careful with vegan bars especially, as a lot of them are misleadingly labelled “high protein”)
  • They don’t contain more than 5g of sugar (6g of sugar being one cube of white sugar, you wouldn’t want to get more than that in a “healthy” snack, right?)
  • the total of calories doesn’t exceed 200-250kcal – it has to be a snack, unless you’re replacing a full meal with it.

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